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Case Study:
Amazon App

This project aims to elevate the Amazon app by enhancing its user experience and accessibility. We're focused on simplifying navigation, improving product discovery, and ensuring that everyone can shop with ease.


UX Researcher

UX/UI Designer


JiaJie Saw





Amazon stands as a beacon of e-commerce excellence, setting unparalleled standards for selection, convenience, and innovation. With its vast array of products and user-centric features, it has rightfully earned its place as one of the leading online shopping destinations worldwide. Its commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement is evident in every aspect of the shopping experience it offers. In this spirit of perpetual enhancement and with an eye toward even greater inclusivity and ease of use, we embark on a project to refine and redefine the Amazon app's user experience. Our initiative aims to build on Amazon's impressive foundation, focusing on streamlining navigation and enhancing accessibility, to ensure that every user finds shopping not just easy, but also enjoyable.

Streamline the apps’ navigation by categorizing products logically and incorporating intuitive search features. Implement a clean and straightforward menu structure/ UI to enhance user understanding and make product discovery more efficient.


User Flow

Upon completing this project, it's clear that enhancing the Amazon app's user experience and accessibility was both a challenge and an opportunity. I delved deep into user needs and behaviors, drawing insights that guided our redesign efforts. The journey of simplifying navigation and making product discovery more intuitive proved to be an enlightening endeavor, showcasing the importance of user-centered design in e-commerce. Through iterative testing and feedback, I've crafted a more accessible and user-friendly app, aligning with Amazon's ethos of customer obsession.


This project not only improved the app's usability but also underscored the significance of inclusivity in digital spaces. As we conclude, we're reminded of the impact thoughtful design can have on making technology accessible to everyone, ensuring that Amazon remains a welcoming platform for all users, further solidifying its status as a leader in the e-commerce industry.

Reflection & Conclusion

Despite Amazon's position as a leader in the e-commerce space, known for its vast product selection and user-friendly features, users have encountered challenges with the app's navigation and the overwhelming volume of products. This project seeks to address these issues by enhancing the app's usability and accessibility, ensuring that every user can navigate and discover products effortlessly, thereby reinforcing Amazon's commitment to customer satisfaction and inclusivity.

Design Challenge

User Research - Mobile App Review




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