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One Day or Day One

One Day or Day One. A motivational short animation reel by me. Audio credits to the video attached below featuring Dwyane Johnson's quote.

Storyboard of this project. Here are some main shots that I want to create for my project. I want to deliver a "motivational" message to the audience about working hard to achieve your goals one day or being the same person since day one with no progress.

I found this video on TikTok and came up with the idea of creating an inspirational, motivational animation video using the audio from the video.

Here is my work in progress. Currently syncing the shots I've created on Procreate into Adobe Premiere Pro with Audio. 

Here are my recent 2 shots that I finished creating on Procreate

Currently working on my next shot, I'm currently referencing some Jump Smash motion with these photos, and I'm planning to video record myself doing some Jump Smash over the weekend for a clearer reference.

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